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26 February 2005

Web Application Development Links - Fight over ‘forms’ clouds future of Net applications

  • factions within the W3C are split between supporting XForms and current standards-based HTML forms; meanwhile there are XAML, Flash MX, and XUL to consider - The Google Wake-Up Call

WebPasties - Guide to Using XMLHttpRequest (with Baby Steps)

The XMLHttpRequest object is a handy dandy JavaScript object that offers a convenient way for webpages to get information from servers without refreshing themselves.

Update: [JPSPAN] - javascript:xmlhttprequest

  • an extensive list of links to references, tutorials, examples, tools, etc.
  • (via kottke)

Computerworld - Common Web Application Vulnerabilities

  • survey of web application vulnerabilities, and ways to mitigate the risks, including those posed by:
    • authentication
    • session security and session IDs
    • SQL injection vulnerabilities
    • Buffer Overflows
    • cross-site scripting (XSS)
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