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02 March 2005

Steps in Creating Quality Personas

Avenue A / Razorfish - Creating Quality Personas: Understanding the Levers that Drive User Behavior (PDF, 778 kb)

The persona is a design tool that enforces discipline in the site development process. Because there are many ways to define a user and his or her complex set of motivations, creating a precise persona with a detailed personality, background and behavior helps to focus the design team on meeting the distinct goals and needs of a particular user type. In addition, defining and designing for a set of specific personas helps to avoid the common practice of trying to design for all users.

  • three basic steps in the persona development process:
    • identify target research segments – review a company’s existing customer segments and supporting market research
    • conduct qualitative research with real people – techniques can include ethnographic observation and interviews, diaries, etc.
    • analyze the data and develop the personas – look for attitudinal patterns, contexts, behaviors
  • scope considerations for persona development:
    • size and diversity of the customer base
    • geographic reach
    • depth of behavioral frameworks – deeper insights require multiple data collection methods and more intensive analysis
    • desire to quantify qualitative results – personas can be “tested” through quanitative methods such as surveying

(Via GUUUI.)

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