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16 March 2005

Sample Character Traits for Personas

Anecdote - Character traits

  • features a poster-size (PDF, 352 kb) laundry list of adjectives (e.g. “cranky", “flexible", “nervous", “thoughtful") that you can use to describe the people in personas that you construct
  • (via Column Two)

See also these previous posts on persona construction:

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CSS Layout Links

CommunityMX - Creating Liquid Faux Columns

  • creating liquid equal-height columns
  • (via mezzoblue)

Stopdesign - Liquid Bleach

  • offers these three pointers for creating liquid layouts:
    • double-div columns
    • use fixed-width gutters
    • avoid fixed-width columns
  • (also via mezzoblue)

Anne’s Weblog about Markup & Style - Super simple clearing floats

joshuaink - A simple introduction to 3 column layouts

  • introductory HOWTO with downloadable samples
  • (via - CSS tips for coders: The only layout rule you need to know

  • float vs. absolute positioning
  • (also via
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General Design Links

Before & After

  • a graphic design magazine that’s currently offering two interesting articles as PDFs for free to non-subscribers:
    • “How to Find the Perfect Color” – deriving a colour palette from a photograph
    • “Design Easy Cover Patterns” – using repeating shapes
  • (via Seth’s Blog)


  • an “interactive visual font search system” for when you don’t know what kind of font you’re looking for
  • (via xBlog)

Typographica - Our Favorite Fonts of 2004

  • it doesn’t appear that any of these fonts are free, but they are nice to look at
  • (via Mezzoblue)

FontEditor BitfontMaker


  • a weblog with pointers to free fonts online
  • (via LifeHacker, as are the remaining links in this post)

Designers Toolbox

  • references and resources for online and print designers

Color Schemer

  • choose a colour by RGB or hex value, and get a palette of complementary colours

Red Alt - I Like Your Colors

  • type in the URL of a webpage you like, and get a list of hex codes for the colours used on the page - Color Blender

  • pick two different colours and get a list of up to ten different intermediary colours

Lifehacker - Free stock photography

  • a list of links to websites offering free stock photography
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Been Busy

Apologies to the few folks who’ve been visiting here regularly over the last two weeks and finding nothing new. I’ve been busy taking some classes and doing some job hunting.

I hope to have some new material up on the blog sometime tonight.

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