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16 March 2005

General Design Links

Before & After

  • a graphic design magazine that’s currently offering two interesting articles as PDFs for free to non-subscribers:
    • “How to Find the Perfect Color” – deriving a colour palette from a photograph
    • “Design Easy Cover Patterns” – using repeating shapes
  • (via Seth’s Blog)


  • an “interactive visual font search system” for when you don’t know what kind of font you’re looking for
  • (via xBlog)

Typographica - Our Favorite Fonts of 2004

  • it doesn’t appear that any of these fonts are free, but they are nice to look at
  • (via Mezzoblue)

FontEditor BitfontMaker


  • a weblog with pointers to free fonts online
  • (via LifeHacker, as are the remaining links in this post)

Designers Toolbox

  • references and resources for online and print designers

Color Schemer

  • choose a colour by RGB or hex value, and get a palette of complementary colours

Red Alt - I Like Your Colors

  • type in the URL of a webpage you like, and get a list of hex codes for the colours used on the page - Color Blender

  • pick two different colours and get a list of up to ten different intermediary colours

Lifehacker - Free stock photography

  • a list of links to websites offering free stock photography
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