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19 April 2005

Technical Difficulties

Apologies once again for the lack of posts over the last several days. I’ve been having some ISP trouble, which will take a few more days (so I’m told) to resolve.

With any luck, there’ll be new content up here sometime early next week.

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16 March 2005

Been Busy

Apologies to the few folks who’ve been visiting here regularly over the last two weeks and finding nothing new. I’ve been busy taking some classes and doing some job hunting.

I hope to have some new material up on the blog sometime tonight.

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26 January 2005


Hello, and welcome to my new blog.

One of the hazards of pursuing work that is information- and technology-centric is that there is always information about one’s work being produced that one likes to keep on top of. New developments in the field, new insights or observations, or just plain good advice about dealing with old problems.

Clicks & Notes is an attempt to capture some of what I’ve been reading online.

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